The Wright Waist – Latex Trainer

$ 60.00

The Wright Waist Latex Cincher is a classic corset style cincher, designed to train the waistline for superior body shaping. It accelerates weight loss by focusing on high compression abdomen control, perspiration and micro massage. This cotton inner layer cincher instantly lifts, shapes and slims the mid-section by flattening your stomach, waist and hips. It is recommended that The Wright Waist Cincher is worn 6-8 hours per day for maximum results. The cincher helps to burn fat tissue, reduce waist measurements and provide torso support helping women to achieve a natural hourglass figure within weeks of use. It contains two ergonomic rods of hooks for adjustable sizing. 

***NOTE: The sizes for the waist trainers represent your bra size. For Example: If you wear a 34C then your cup size does not matter. Your back size is still going to be a 34, therefore you need to order a medium waist trainer which would be the same as a size 34. 

Sizing Guide:
42-XXXL (add $10)

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